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Alfredo Sauce (16oz for $8.00) or (32oz for $15.00)

Our Classic cream sauce, ready to heat and serve

Homemade Pomodoro Sauce (16oz for $8.00) or (32oz for $15.00)

Our homemade recipe, ready to heat and serve

Zias Rice Balls (6 for $14.00) or (12 for $26.00)

Hand rolled sicilian arancini with parmesan cheese

and stuffed with provolone cheese (pomodoro sauce not included)


Aioli Dip $7.00

Great for a dipping sauce (16oz)


Italian Wedding Soup $12.00 (Serves 4)

Mini meatballs confetti pasta, parmesan cheese

and spinach in a rich chicken broth. 

*Tax is included and prices are subject to change