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Johnny Rocco’s will give you and your friends a time to remember. From a feast of 2 to 200 or more, we will plan a menu to suit your needs with the food portions that have made Johnny Rocco’s famous.

It's always nice to have options and that's what Johnny Rocco's offers though our pick-up service. We feel "Take Out" is an essential part of not only a successful restaurant, but of our customers' busy lifestyles. We want to ensure that your meal is ready for you when you walk through our doors.

Our Take Out menu is no different than what we offer in the restaurant, so you won't be missing out on any of your favourite dishes. Most importantly, this is not your typical take out menu, but rather home-style, homemade meals that our chefs are able to provide for you. With a vast selection to choose from, our take out service is fit to meet your every need.

Who doesn't enjoy gathering their family around the dinner table and enjoying a home cooked meal? As much as we all love family dinners, we don't always love the time it takes to prepare. This is where Johnny can help! We know all about family dinners, its what the Italian culture is all about and we want to share it with you. We promise that when you gather your family around the table, you'll be proud of what you're serving.


Our Family Style menu gives you our full list of menu items to chose from. By simply placing an order, we'll deliver the meal right to you. We want to make your dinner easy, because its not about the work, its about time spent with family. With your home-style meal delivered right to your door, all that's left for you to do is EAT!



At Johnny Rocco's, we believe one of the best things in life is spending quality time with family and friends. Let us prepare that home cooked meal and free yourself to create more memories with your loved ones.

Family Style Delivery
Business Delivery
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